I have always been fascinated by the complex nature of human relationship dynamics, and during my career I’ve explored these dynamics in a variety of directing and coaching environments.


My wide-ranging experience as a voice artist and live theatre performer has allowed me to shift smoothly into directing and coaching actors for live performance, audition preparation, in-studio voice over, as well as musical/vocal direction both on stage and on the sets of films, including an upcoming feature for Walt Disney Pictures.


As a post-production Walla director, I cast, assemble and direct the best teams for my clients, whether for a TV series, MOW, feature film, or video game. I draw from an impressive, multi-lingual, multi-faceted roster of union and non-union voice and film actors.


In 2016, after returning from a directing intensive in NYC, I embarked on a personal project: directing and producing “A Living Room: A Series”, which I designed so I could continue to collaborate and direct professional actors in emotionally challenging scripts. This ‘in-your-face’ type of entertainment is unapologetically raw and real, inviting the living room viewer to navigate his or her own emotional landscape head on.


ADR Voice Casting & Direction

The Background Loop Group

I assemble, cast and direct the best WALLA team specific to the show we’re working on be it a TV series, an MOW, a feature film or a video game. Working closely with post-production supervisors as well as sound and dialogue editors ensures that my casting choices are meeting the overall vision of a project’s sound design.  Past and current shows/clients include: EA Games, Strange Magic (Disney/Lucas), MOTIVE (CTV), Cedar Cove (Hallmark), Arctic Air (CBC), Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (NETFLIX), Travelers (NETFLIX), Ice (Entertainment Partners), Some Assembly Required (YTV), Arctic Air (CBC), Strange Empire (CBC), Syfy, Disney, Air Bud Entertainment and feature films for Universal, WWE, Summit Entertainment and Lions Gate Films.

Vocal Coaching

Whether coaching performers for audition preparation, in-studio voice over, live theatrical performance or on-set, communicating openly and specifically is integral to the success and final outcome. Each voice, each body and each actor is unique. It is my job to acknowledge and identify the performer’s strengths and to integrate those strengths into the demands of the song, the text or the scene. My students have gone on to enjoy busy careers in musical theatre, film/TV, composition, voice over, cruise ship work and more. They are spread out all over the globe in New York, Toronto, Paris and right here at home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A salon series produced and directed by me



“Sylvia Zaradic’s Living Room Series is professional theatre performed in her home. The acting is top notch and the experience is powerful. You feel as though you have been included in something extraordinary. Everyone should go see a show in Sylvia’s living room!”

– Elizabeth Cox, Artist and Designer