How I went from dreaming of rock stardom to announcing the Olympics, directing Walla Loop groups, and voice coaching on movie sets


Before I lent my voice to cartoon and anime characters in shows like My Little Pony and Ranma 1/2, before I became a Walla director and singing & performance coach, and before I landed the coveted role of announcing at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, I was a 16-year-old girl with a dream.


I wanted to be a rock singer…


…so, I decided a formal education in music would help me gain a solid foundation. After graduating from the UBC School of Music in 1993, I went off into the world to find carve my own path – one that included singing in a nightclub in Yokohama City Japan, joining the Canadian Military (15th Field Royal Canadian Artillery) to be the lead vocalist for its 45-piece big band, performing in Musical Theatre productions, and being part of the most sought-after ticket in the Jewish wedding and bar mitzvah circuit with the Klezmer-fusion group Olam.


But then I discovered the crazy, behind-the-scenes world of Post Production voice over…


…known as Walla.  It was in this world that I met and worked with some of the funniest people I know, and where I was introduced to voice over work through a host of Anime bookings, from Matilda Arjan in Mobile Suit Gundam to the Water Goddess in Inuyasha. This led to more and varied cartoon and commercial gigs and eventually a career highlight: announcing the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic medal winners at Whistler Medals Plaza.


While I continued to work as a Voice Artist I also launched myself into teaching, coaching and directing. I have cast, looped and directed Walla Loop groups for TV, feature films and for streaming giant NETFLIX, and enjoyed the coveted role of vocal and performance coach on Noelle (Disney+), and A Series of Unfortunate Events (NETFLIX). Throughout all my artistic pursuits, I have remained a dedicated and committed educator having been on faculty in the School of Performing Arts at Capilano University from 2005-2021.   


So here I am, three decades later – still gigging, still teaching, and still occasionally dreaming of being a rock star.

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