My background in and love of theatrical acting, improvising and music naturally lead me to the vivaciously spirited and diverse world of voice over.  My voice over career started in the late 90’s booking various roles in Anime cartoons, including: Matilta Arjan (Mobile Suit Gundam), Major Mary (Galaxy Angel), Kudachi Kuno (Ranma ½), Sora (Vision of Escaflowne) and the Water Goddess in Inuyasha.  Since then my roster of characters has proliferated to include memorable performances as ‘Ocean Breeze’ in Being Ian, ‘Dr. Ratfinger’ in Geronimo Stilton, ‘Cherry Jubilee’ in My Little Pony as well as a veritable host of other wacky and wonderful characters!


Various Demos

“LORD: Legends of Ravaging Dynasties”

Lady Knox

“Guess Who?”

All the female characters from the GrapeSEED English Audio Book Series

“UNFCCC Climate Change Convention”


“Five Plus”


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